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Summary of Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

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Have You Ever Wondered How ULTRA Successful People Became That Way?You know what I’m talking about…
It’s the top athletes, the billionaires & the geniuses.
Don’t you ever had those splitting thoughts of how great it’d be like to be the child of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?
Is it really true that successful people are so “super-human”?
Or is there more to it?
Maybe… our birth dates matters?
Maybe… our background really does matters?
There’s so many ‘maybes’ and so little truth isn’t it?
We’re living in a world littered with general knowledge and much more than ever, we’re starving for real, practical wisdom.
Malcolm Gladwell dug deep into truth in the book Outliers. Every detail was taken into account & everything are backed by pure truth. No hocus-pocus. No filters. Just the truth about how really successful people became that way.
Here’s what you’ll discover…--- Chapter 1: Why the Rich Gets Richer (nope, it’s not what you think)
--- Chapter 2: Is 10 Thousand Hours Really A Rule (if then, how does it affect us?)
--- Chapter 3: Does a Genius IQ Really Matter?
--- Chapter 6: The Story of Your Ancestors & Your Future (nope, not your grandparents. We’re talking about many more generations ago)
--- Chapter 8: The Truth About Hard Work (it’s time to cut through the B.S.)
--- And so much more.
This is more than just the story of success. Outliers is about radical transparency & radical truth in an unprecedented age of opportunities.
Are you ready to uncover the truth behind our successful people really became that way & apply it to your own life? Scroll Up & Click on the Buy Now button to continue reading!
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