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327. Give Yourself Permission to be Successful: Productivity and Self Honesty with Scarlett Cole

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At RWA in Denver this past summer, author Scarlett Cole gave a workshop about self belief and productivity. She believes that one can’t proceed without the other - and in her former life, she was a senior executive for a multi-billion dollar company, so she knows a little about this topic.

Since it’s the end of the year when Many Resolutions are being made, I wanted to talk to her about her workshop, and the real foundation of honesty required in order to create productivity and time management skills for yourself.

We discuss:

The similarities between women in executive leadership positions, and women running author careers (there are lots)
The benefits and realities of goal setting
The difference between a hobby and a passion - and why the latter is much more self-supportive!
The value of a mentor and the power of asking for information about your own goals
The importance of being happy and content with what you are able to do each day, and the benefit of audacious goals and beliefs
The idea that self belief is different from motivation
And that selfish is NOT a bad word.
We also talk about believing in yourself, and about giving yourself permission to be successful. Productivity is itself a form of affirmation. I hope this is as interesting and inspiring for you as it was for me.

Thanks to my dogs for interrupting our conversation with a ferocious alert that the UPS truck arrived.

So, tell me! What goals are you setting for the new year? What do you want to accomplish? I want to know! I’m really nosy - or nebby, if like me, you’re from Pittsburgh. Email me at sbjpodcast@gmail.com or leave a message a +1.201.371.3272 and tell me about it. If telling another person your goal helps you get it done, I'm more than happy to be that person.


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