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330. Autonomy is the Original Witchcraft: An Interview with Elizabeth Hoyt

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Elizabeth Hoyt has a new historical series! We talk about her new book, Not the Duke’s Darling, the start of her new Greycourt series which comes out December 18th. Here are some words that will grab your attention: there is a secret society of women in this series, and it sounds delightful. No kidding: the heroine is undercover at a house party as part of a secret society of wise women trying to prevent legislation that will bring back witch hunting.

We talk about:

How accusations of witchcraft were really about autonomy, and who was permitted to have it (and who wasn’t)

How dangerous were women who were too outspoken, had too much knowledge, too much money, or too much power.

How anger influences the story, the heroine, and the Secret Order of Wise Women.

We also discuss the skills required to plot a series of 12 or more books while building a world that spans several novels, the random Wikipedia rabbit holes that lead to plot ideas and character development, the idea of creating a new identity in historical time periods, and the power of characters slowly revealing their true selves to one another. We also talk about the essentials to creating a series comprised of standalone books, and why that’s important.

Plus, we talk about what books she’s reading and recommending.


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