Sofie Darling

Tempted by the Viscount

She doesn’t want a man…
Lady Olivia Montfort wants a fresh start. Six months after a scandalous divorce, the last thing she needs is a man—literally. However, to achieve her dream of owning a home she requires the help of a powerful lord. Viscount St. Alban would be perfect—if only he didn’t make her want to run far, far away…
He doesn’t want a scandalous lady…
Viscount St. Alban has been doing some running of his own. Newly arrived in London, Jake has left his past behind—he hopes. If not, his daughter’s future is at risk. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, including making a bargain with the notorious Lady Olivia. If only awareness didn’t spark between them…
Will want and need make way for love?
Olivia recognizes a lost cause and decides a night of passion will burn away their mutual desire—all the pleasure, none of the pain they’ve experienced in the past. Instead, a deeper connection is forged. As plans and secrets unravel, can Jake convince Olivia that the only thing she needs is…him?
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