Jayden Haywards

How to Talk to Anyone

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Learn the social skills and mindset to become better at talking to people.
It’s not always easy to break the ice, know what to talk about, or even to get yourself to open your mouth. Besides that, there are many things to take into account, like whom you’re talking to, what social class or status that person has, differences in communication practices, etc. In this audiobook, all of those things will be briefly explained to you. You will find topics like:

How to engage in small talk with anyoneThe types of questions you should and shouldn’t askHow to improve your people skills and be more social in a general senseHow to come across as being intelligent and interestedSpecific topics and small talk for dates, celebrities, business, and other conversational situationsThe best ways to address people of a different status
Communication skills can make all the difference in the goals and achievements in life that you have. They can boost your careers and relationships, and they can mean a lot when it comes to self-confidence, interaction, etc. So, learn how to become better at talking to people by starting your journey with this guide.


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