Abbie Farwell Brown

Mermaid Tales and Seaside Poems

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You would think that Wavilocks must be happy in her lovely home, where she has everything that a little mermaid could wish. But now she wants the diamond stars in the sky for a necklace and she will sulk and pout until she gets them.
Wishes can come true, but you must be wise in your wishing. Sometimes a sad lesson is necessary to make you appreciate what you have. In these unique and imaginative tales we learn to value what is truly important.
The joyful seaside poems share a love of the ocean and its wonders, and of spending holidays at the seaside.
These entertaining tales and poems written by Abbie Farwell Brown are told in a simple direct fashion appealing to children.
The Star Jewels;
Seaside Poems (The Sky Fisher, The Little Sea Horse, Ocean Wonders, Sea-Urchin, Fishes, The Sea Gull, The Fisherman, The Careless Waves, The Beach Lane, and The Mermaid);
and The Mermaid's Child (as adapted by AnnaLisa Bodtker).
Knowing how important language development is to success in school, educator AnnaLisa Bodtker created alenbeebooks. Audiobooks enhance listening skills, increase vocabulary, and allow children to enjoy books above their reading levels. Alenbeebooks selects well written stories and poems, that are narrated in an engaging manner, to promote good language skills.
copyright 2021 (P) alenbeebooks
AnnaLisa Bodtker is the narrator of the popular audiobooks The Rainbow and the Rose by Edith Nesbit and With Trumpet and Drum by Eugene Field.


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