Stephen Puleston

Another Good Killing

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The killing of a wealthy banker was too clean, the crime scene too perfect. But does any man deserve to die? Can Detective Marco stop a clever killer intent on vengeance?
When a well-connected and wealthy banker is found dead in his luxury car in the middle of Cardiff, the motive for the crime seems clear. The killer even left a note telling the world the man deserved to die, simply for his greed.
But despite the obvious clues, seasoned detective, John Marco has his doubts that this was just a disgruntled employee. Marco also has a gut feeling that the family of the victim are hiding something.
And when another business executive is murdered, Marco's fears come true - there is now a serial killer to catch. An online video points to a violent anarchist group, determined to make the bankers pay for their perceived sins. But Marco doubts a ragtag bunch of anarchists would be granted breathing space in the world of the sophisticated uber rich.
As the case progresses and Marco starts piecing together the clues, things take a dramatic twist when a member of Marco's team is kidnapped. Now the killer has made things personal and Marco faces a race against time to bring the murder to justice - before it's too late...
Another Good Killing is the second book in the fast-paced Inspector Marco crime series. If you like police procedurals, gripping page-turners with a touch of noir, then you’ll love Stephen Puleston’s racy thriller.
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