Jayden Haywards

Body Language

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Recognize all the signs to understand people’s body language and the messages it conveys.

You’ve probably heard it before: Most of what you’re saying doesn’t comes out of your mouth. We constantly send mixed signals by the way we walk, move, sit, or look. In this audiobook, you’ll get a quick overview of subtle signs such as:

How the way you cross your legs, arms, or move your lips reveals what you thinkThe best ways to close a sale by using your body languageEffective methods to flirt with the other gender and recognize the subliminal messages they sendHow to impress the interviewer when you’re applying for a jobWhat eye contact, nodding, and smiling can do for you when you’re trying to gain favor with other peopleAnd much more!
Get his handy-dandy guide and understand more about the human way of communicating thoughts and feelings.


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