Science Backed Tips That Will Enhance Muscle Recovery - 20 Minute Fitness #29

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In this episode of 20-Minute Fitness, we expand on the subject of recovery. We first delve deep into the science of what is actually happening to our muscles during and after working out. Then move onto myth busting some popular recovery techniques.

Does science actually prove that cherries can boost your recovery? Also, we learn about the little habits that could be tripping us up. Find out all that on more in this episode!

Things You Will Learn

1.) Nailing The Basics of Recovery
The best way to figure out how to speed up recovery is to understand how your body recovers in the first place. In this episode, we break down the science of recovery. Detailing what it means to put your body under physical stress. Along with how your body cope's with it.

2.) What is Actually Proven
Everyone's got their own way of recovering whether it's foam rolling, getting protein before or after your workout, or a specific cool-down. However, what are proven methods of recovery and what aren't? We look at the studies backing or disproving the claims that cherry juice, ice baths, and compression wear have an effect on recovery.

3.) Is Something Holding You Back?
It's sad but true. Some of our daily habits could be slowing down the recovery process. However, how much are little habits like a drink with dinner really holding us back? Listen on to find out!


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