Simple, Easy Guide To Mindful Eating Interview with Megrette Fletcher - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #044

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On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we had a fantastic time talking with Megrette Fletcher, a professional in the space of mindful eating and professional counseling for type-two diabetics. Megrette is a great source of information when it comes to breaking down what it means to "mindfully eat".

Three Things You Will Learn 

1.) Breaking Down The Basics of Mindful Eating
"Mindfulness" is one of those words that you hear but you may not know exactly what it is or what it means. In our interview with Megrette we break down what it means to mindful in relation to the way we eat food. Find out the basics by clicking play!

2.) Bridging The Gap of Your Relationship With Food
The way our culture currently views food has changed enormously over the past few hundred years. With the introduction of fad dieting to the idea of creating food for mass consumption. We are long ways away from the farm to table basics. However, with the practice of mindful eating, you can change your relationship with food to one that's about taking care of your body!

3.) How To Practice Mindful Eating In Your Daily Life
So how can you actually practice mindful eating in your everyday life? Well, there are a few simple tips that you use daily that will set you up to have a more mindful diet. Listen to what Megrette says to find out more. 



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