Jeremy Griffith

The Shock of Change that understanding the human condition brings

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As biologist Jeremy Griffith explains in THE Interview (which psychiatrist Professor Harry Prosen described as “the most important interview of all time”), while we humans lacked the explanation for our 2-million-year corrupted human condition we had no choice but to deny that our distant ape ancestors lived in a state of cooperative and loving innocence. But with the good reason for our corrupted condition now finally found, our species' original state of innocence can at last be admitted - and, as Griffith makes clear in his essay The Great Guilt, what that honesty finally allows us to see is the immense guilt and shame we humans have been carrying for corrupting our original instinctive self or soul.
Finding the redeeming understanding of our corrupted condition also means we no longer need to employ the artificial reinforcements we have been depending on to sustain our sense of self-worth of attacking, defying, and denying the implication that we are guilty, bad people. What this essay, The Shock Of Change that understanding the human condition brings, addresses is how to manage the great shock of change that inevitably occurs in this fabulous transformation from having to depend on our now obsoleted, artificial, angry, egocentric and alienating forms of reinforcement, to living free of them.
This booklet is supported by a very informative website at HumanCondition.com.
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