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401. Rewriting the Voice in Your Head: Creation and Inspiration with Dr. Nicole Peeler

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Dr. Nicole Peeler is an author of fantasy, and a professor of popular writing in the Seton Hill MFA in Popular Fiction Writing. We talk about SO MUCH and this is one of those episodes you might listen to a few times because it’s so inspiring and affirming. We discuss writing, confronting genre misconceptions, how one teaches popular writing and romance specifically, and writing your own catnip. Detours include vampires, sewing, hobbies, creativity that isn’t monetized, fashion, goals, and learning to love writing again and again.

NB: This was recorded prior to the dark winter of RWA, and was also recorded prior to the international quarantine. But creativity in any form is getting me through the quarantimes. What about you?

What’s your creative outlet, the ones you revel in? I’d love to know.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


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