Ayn Rand,Karl Marx,Friedrich Engels,Voltaire,Thomas Paine

Political Philosophy Collection: Common Sense, Candide, Anthem, and The Communist Manifesto

A powerful and enlightening collection of political philosophy.Delving into the past and drawing on the timeless words of Thomas Paine, Voltaire, Ayn Rand, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, this fascinating collection of political philosophy seeks to cover the scope of human thought, from morality and individualism to economics and egalitarianism.
These incredible writings have left a legacy in their wake, shaping the course of western thought and becoming highly influential in their time. From hard-hitting political arguments about American independence and class struggle to satirical and fantastical novellas depicting harrowing ideas and stark warnings, readers from all backgrounds will enjoy this riveting collection.
Inside this audiobook, you’ll discover: Common Sense, the rousing call for American independence which drew on inspiring arguments for autonomy, egalitarianism, and the right for Americans to be free from British ruleCandide, a satirical novella which takes humorous shots at religion, politics, philosophy, and Leibnizian optimismAnthem, a gripping and thought-provoking tale of a man struggling to survive in a society where individualism has been completely abolishedAnd The Communist Manifesto, a scathing examination of class, capitalism, and the ideologies underpinning the inequalities in societyPerfect for fans of philosophical politics, morality, individualism, and the struggles plaguing both the individual and society, this brilliant collection seeks to bring some of the greatest minds of the past to a modern audience.
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