How Technology Can Introduce You To Mindfulness - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #065

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Today's 20 Minute Fitness episode is all about mindfulness. After Charlie discusses the basics of mindfulness and its benefits, he'll dive into the innovations that were built to help you practice mindfulness. We'll touch upon everything from apps to wearables and even a very unique and exclusive device.
Listen to this weeks episode to discover ways of how technology can introduce you to mindfulness that you have never heard before!
Three Things You Will Learn 
1) The Not-So-Mainstream Mindfulness Apps
We all know Calm and Headspace, which might be the most dominant apps on the App Store, but not necessarily the best ones. If you're bored with the mainstream apps, try Aura. Aura is an app that focuses on reducing anxiety and improving focus and sleep. It uses Machine Learning to provide you with highly personalized daily meditation sessions and a lot more.
If you're looking for something more exciting, Provata VR is the one for you. As the name suggests, this app uses VR to virtually transport you to magical and relaxed locations, such as beautiful beaches. Additionally, with their Apple Health integration, Provata VR also allows you to visualize the effects of meditation. It shows how your heart rate is affected and lets you optimize your sessions based on the feedback.
Press play to learn more about these less known, but very interesting mindfulness apps!
2) Wearables That Will Help You Calm Down
Even though mindfulness is a relatively new industry, there're already a couple of impressive wearables out there. These wearables focus on reaching your inner peace. Muse, for instance, is an EEG headset that senses your brain waves and renders your brain activity into natural sounds. This way you get real-time feedback on your state of mind.
The Spire wearable stress tracker takes a different approach of breath analysis. Spire however, is a multi-functional wearable. It also tracks things like activity and sleep and correlates these for improving your overall wellbeing.
Listen on to learn how Muse can help you to reach a peaceful state and how Spire's comprehensiveness can aid your health journey!
3) An Exclusive Way Of Meditation
Finally, a unique meditation experience that most of us have probably not heard of before, the Somadome. The Somadome is an illuminated dome, which creates a private escape pod only available in 15 locations worldwide. It lets you drift away using a combination of color therapy and binaural beats. 

Tune in to learn more about the experience and the various guided meditation programs the Somadome offers!

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