Marko Simsa

Classical Hits for Children

An ideal concert for fans of classical music or for anyone who would like to become one! Marko Simsa, the "king of concerts for children" (FONO FORUM), presents "Classical Hits for Children", a varied selection of 23 pieces of classical music by famous composers. Each piece is introduced in a fun and easy way by the actor Howard Nightingall. For native speakers or anyone who wants to combine learning English with listening to classical music.

A comprehensive vocabulary list is included in the booklet of the CD!

Content: Leopold Mozart: "Bourlesq" • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "A Little Night Music" ("Eine kleine Nachtmusik") - 1st movement, excerpt - KV525 • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "The Battle" ("Die Schlacht"), Contretanz, KV 535 • Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: "Hachaz" • Henry Purcell: "Trumpet Tune" (Arr.: Josef Wagner) • Johann Sebastian Bach: "Musette" from the Little Notebook for A. M. Bach • Robert Schumann: "The Happy Peasant" ("Fröhlicher Landmann") from the "Album for the Young" op. 68 • Robert Schumann: "Wild Rider" ("Wilder Reiter") from the "Album for the Young" op. 68 • Edvard Grieg: "Puck" ("Kobold") Allegro molto • Gioachino Rossini: "The Cats' Duet" ("Katzenduett") • John Travers: "Cornet Voluntary", Allegro • Georg Friedrich Händel: "Watermusic" ("Wassermusik"), Suite 1 in F-major, Nr. 9 "Hornpipe" • Antonio Vivaldi: "Spring" ("Der Frühling"), 1st movement (excerpt), from "The Four Seasons" ("Die Vier Jahreszeiten") • Antonio Vivaldi: "Winter" ("Der Winter"), 2nd movement from "The Four Seasons" • Johann Strauß-Sohn und Josef Strauß: "Pizzicato-Polka" • Johann Strauß-Sohn: "Thunder and Lightning-Polka" ("Unter Donner und Blitz"), op. 214 (Arr.
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