Lisa Becker

Joke's On You (Starfish Book 3)

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A practical joking rock star. A cash-strapped jewelry designer. Can the prankster get serious enough to turn a one-night stand into lasting love?
After the breakup of Kings Quarters, Oliver Eastland joins a new band on tour where he’ll do much of the same: make music and perpetrate practical jokes on his new bandmates. Despite the perks of band life, he’s eager to make an enduring romantic connection.
Rowan Edwards is an aspiring jewelry designer slogging away her days as an assistant photo editor while enduring the sexual harassment of her lecherous boss. Under a mountain of college debt, she can’t yet afford to leave her job and pursue her artistic dreams.
But when Oliver and Rowan hook up for an epic one-night stand, can Oliver prove he’s no joke and their love is meant to last?
If you love steamy rock stars, witty banter, practical jokes, villains who get their comeuppance, and combustible chemistry rolled into a fast-paced story, buy it now.
Joke’s On You is the third in the Starfish: A Rock Star Romance series (after Starfish and Dear Future Self). It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.
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