Weight Loss Tips For On The Go and Traveling — 20 Minute Fitness #038

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On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we welcome a new addition to our team, Lilla! Both Lilla and Lesley sit down to talk about the ways that you can keep the weight off while traveling. A common pitfall that many of us run into is losing all of our fitness progress while on holiday so listen on for some helpful weight loss tips for your next vacation.

Three Things You Will Learn

1.) How To Train Without The Gym
Making it to the gym while you are traveling or on vacation sometimes just isn't an option. Either you don't have access to a gym or your schedule just doesn't allow for it. Lilla brings up some of her HIIT favorite apps to bring on the road with her. Why HIIT? It provides the benefits of a high-intensity workout in a short period of time. Plus, HIIT is known to have lasting calorie burning effects long after you finished your training session. A win all around. For Lilla's top HIIT App picks click here.

2.) Making Your Fitness Routine Part Of Your Vacation
However, if carving out time for your fitness routine isn't in the cards for this trip or vacation Lesley likes to involve fun fitness activities into the travel plans. Utilizing local trails and hikes is a great way to get moving while still exploring. Also, you can check out her top picks for hiking apps to see where the locals hike and hidden adventures here.

3.) How Using Your Phone or Hand Can Keep The Calories Down
It's a huge bummer to come back from traveling and realized that you may have lost some of your progress. However, this is something that easily avoidable! With the use of apps like Noom with real-life integrated support, it's easy to adjust your diet while on vacation. Plus, Lilla also has the great tip of using your hand for measurement to practice mindful eating while on the go. You can find a full description on how to do just that here.

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