How Technology Can Help To Train For Your Next Marathon - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #057

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So press play now to make the most out of your next run!If your New Year's resolution involves the word marathon, we've got you covered! Because on this week's episode we introduce you to all the 'tech hacks' that can aid your training for the big race day. Whether you're getting ready for your first run or you are a marathon veteran, Charlie has something for you.

Three Things You Will Learn 

1) Which Are The Best Free Tools For Running Tips
Thanks to technology, we don't only have expensive gadgets but also a number of free / low-cost resources available. There are plenty of great blogs out there that will guide you through your marathon prep with advice on diet, the perfect race attire and a lot more. Listen to this week's episode to hear which blogs should get on your reading list!

2) Top Apps To Improve Your Running Technique
Of course we are all familiar with the more mainstream running apps, like Strava and MapMyRun. However, you can find many more hidden gems on the app store, which will actually give you better insights, feedback and guidance throughout your training. 

Some apps are really keen to track your impact and cadence to maximize your running efficiency. Other apps, like Aaptiv, put more emphasis on personalized training plans. Press play to learn what apps are out there and which approach seems to be the way to go!

3) Wearables That Will Become Your Virtual Running Coaches
The wearables market is striving, so the possibilities for gadgets that you can call for help when training for a marathon are becoming endless. However, most of these wearables have different focus areas so it really depends on your goals which one you should go for.

The Lumo Run for instance aims to perfect your running technique, whereas Polar's Stride Sensor is more keen on optimal pacing. And taking it to the next level, besides all the same measurements, the Vi headphones also provide personalized real-time coaching. Tune in to learn more about the best running wearables!

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