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What the Bible Says About God's Purpose

Why are we here? What's the purpose of my life? Questions like these can blindside us almost any time-in a college philosophy class, during dark days of personal tragedy, in a discussion of the "meaning of life" with a friend, or while watching news reports of human struggles worldwide. And we can quickly move from personal issues and feelings to the big picture and wonder about God's purpose in all of this. In reality, that's exactly where we need to start-the big picture, with God. When we learn his purposes for this world, we will see how we ought to fit into his plans.When we do that, we will find personal purpose, meaning for our lives. So we will begin at "the beginning," at Creation, in Genesis. In that book of beginnings, God has revealed his divine purposes for his creation. Then we will travel through Scripture. During this journey, we will see that God's purposes for the world in general quickly become very specific and personal. As you listen to the Bible passages and their attached devotionals, may you discover God's purpose for the world, and for you.
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