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404. Cowboy Romcoms and Real Six Packs with Carly Bloom

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[bookaside slug="cowboy-come-home"] Today I’m chatting with author Carly Bloom about writing cowboy romcoms, small communities that include really annoying people, and the reality of ranch life. No one walks around with their shirt open and their abs hanging out. Can you believe that??

We also take a non-spoilery dive into her latest book, Cowboy Come Home, so if you’re looking for your next read, perhaps this will make you happy.

We talk a fair bit about her #homemadebookcover, which made me laugh. There's a link at smartbitchestrashybooks.com/podcast in the shownotes for episode 404.


This episode is brought to you by In To Her by JA Huss, available now at Audible.com. There's a sample of the audiobook at the end of this episode, too!


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