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"The best resource I've seen to provide actionable tools to impact the lives of your employees!"
"Chock-full of interesting insight and practical suggestions."
"Well-seasoned with real-world-based examples that illustrate key concepts."
"This is not just a safety book. It is a playbook!"
Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life?
There is no leadership responsibility more profound than creating a sustainable, injury-free workplace.
During 35 years in manufacturing, I observed leadership actions that significantly contributed to less risk-taking, greater hazard awareness, and genuine collaborative efforts among employees and supervisors. Leaders who embraced and implemented these strategies saw a dramatic reduction in incidents and injuries. This audiobook is a collection of leadership concepts, thoughts, words, and actions that can move your organization toward a better safety future.
The first section reviews fundamental concepts. It includes a discussion on compliance versus commitment, why people make mistakes and take risks, and an overview of a Just Culture. The core of the audiobook reviews research findings in social psychology and sociology. I share firsthand experiences of highly effective leadership. And I recount other situations that exemplify the wrong approach. In each case, I discuss how you can leverage these concepts in a practical way to improve your safety leadership skills.
At the end of each section, there is a segment called the "Safety Leader’s Toolbox"; It contains over 70 practical tools and tips for being a more effective safety leader!
Spoiler alert! One essential leadership skill is knowing why, how, and what to talk about when it comes to safety. Where do you begin? Start with a "Why" of caring.
If you start every conversation and initiate every action because you care about others, you will not have to do everything perfectly. Your employees will want to do the right things for the right reasons!
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