How Technology Can Make Your Workouts Fun - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #071

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This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we're making sure that everyone out there knows that exercising doesn't always have to be boring. Charlie will discuss gamification and walk us through the most exciting innovations that can make your workouts fun. As always, you'll hear about more accessible options. And we'll also touch the sky with more complex equipment that use VR to transfer you into an alternative reality. Listen to this week's episode and get ready to have some fun with us!
Three Things You Will Learn
1) The Exciting Running Apps
Of course there're some people out there, who generally enjoy running and just like to take in the nature around them. But most of us really wouldn't mind some sort of distraction. If you belong to this latter group, there're a couple of apps, which you should download right now.
The first one is Zombies, Run!. This fun little app will put the faith of humanity into your hands via assigning you missions that can lead to saving one of humanity's last output. Trust me, running faster will be a no brainer when zombies are chasing after your.
Another great one is CARROT Fit, which assigns you a challenge to turn "CARROT" into a healthy and fit individual. With it's unique and funny exercise names and sarcastic humor, you won't dare to stop during your 7-min workouts.
Lastly, Run An Empire is built along similar lines as Zombies, Run!. Start in the Stone Age and run until the Space Age to build a stronger empire than any of your rivals! Press play and learn more about the apps now!
2) Join A Group Workout At Home
Who says that you can't have a fun group workout in the comfort of your own home? Well, the guys behind Conbody surely don't. Conbody is an online military style workout platform that offers you a variety of exercises for only $5/month. Conbody was founded by Coss Marte, and ex-con who is not only reforming his own life for the better, but also gives other ex-cons the opportunity to do so by employing them. Besides the good cause, Conbody's other advantage lies within its killer, but also fun 26-min long workouts.
Listen on to learn more about what you get for your subscription fee!
3) Everything VR
Talking about gamification and not mentioning VR would be quite outrageous, right? Well, here it is in the form of two very new and very exciting innovations. For starters, we have Black Box VR, the first fully immersive VR gym experience.
A truly unique innovation built by the guys behind bodybuilding.com. In the Black Box VR experience, you become a hero and your body becomes the controller. Using hands-free VR controllers and resistance straps, each of your moves, or attacks in the game, will be initiated by various resistance exercises. And you have one and only overarching goal, which is to destroy the enemy crystals and become the winner.
To enjoy Black Box VR, you'll have to leave your home and go to one of their physical locations. But if you'd prefer a VR training at home, ICAROS will be your favorite choice. ICAROS, a technology that mixes health-science & gaming, will let you fly through space and race against other users. While using the equipment, you'll engage in 3D movements and not only have fun, but also work on your core & upper body. Press play and learn more about the crazy fun workouts Black Box VR & ICAROS have on the menu for you!

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