D. August Baertlein

Ara's Prelude

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Far north in the Atlantic Ocean, where islands are small, rocky, and infested with sheep and humans, live the Selkies—a race of seal/human shapeshifters of unearthly beauty.
The five short stories in Ara's Prelude recount the early lives of characters from the novel ARA’s SONG. You’ll meet Princess Ara as a seal pup and young Seamus defending his dreams of becoming a fisherman. Seamus’s folks struggle to protect him from those vicious Selkies, while Ara’s father warns of dangerous humans like that boy she finds so fascinating. And then there’s Oluva, the psychic shopkeeper who knows more about Selkies than she lets on.
Chronologically, these are the first events in THE SELKIE CHRONICLES, but each book stands alone.
Selkies are beguiling and real. Come see for yourself.
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