Wilbur Smith


Et sløret fotografi og historien om en forbandelse er alt, hvad dr. Ben Kazin har at holde sig til, da han gør en fantastisk arkæologisk opdagelse. Under Zimbabwes røde jord ligger resterne af en hidtil ukendt civilisation.

Men udgravningerne forstyrres af terrorister, kærlighed og afsløringen af årtusinders hemmeligheder…


"This is Wilbur Smith's best book ever. It is also his personal favourite. ... If you don't like Wilbur Smith, don't worry, this book is completely unlike anything he'd ever done; and if you like Smith, you'll love this book." Grande Films, Goodreads

"A splendid panoramic piece of writing with colourful characters woven into an enthralling plot .... an extremely readable and satisfying big book." – Oxford Times

"The first half is an interesting archeological boy's own romp ... However it's the second half that raises this book to greatness. Ben Huy-Amon is a fantastic creation and the secret history of an empire that unfolds is vivid detailed and ultimately heart-breaking that it made this book a classic in my eyes. It's themes mirror real life: the invasion of the White man and enslavement of the African indigenous tribes, but the twist in the tail and revenge that follows is devastating, exciting and brutal, culminating in one of the greatest and ultimately doomed final stands I've ever read. More than anything this is a story about the fragility of history; of heroes and villains, love jealousy and fear, of empires rising and falling and battles fought and how easily they can all be swept away by the sands of time to be remembered by no-one." - Carl Timms, Goodreads
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