How To Harness The Power of Keto Interview with Brad Kearnes - 20 Minute Fitness #030

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In the episode of 20 Minute Fitness we have a very exciting guest, Brad Kearns! Brad is a former professional triathlete and performed on the international triathlon circuit. We got to sit down with Brad and talk about his take on the Keto diet and how he his relationship with fitness has evolved being a former triathlete.

Recently, Brad has also worked with his buddy Mark Sisson to create the Primal Blueprint books and evolutionary-based diet, exercise and lifestyle movement. He and Sisson co-authored a book called Primal Endurance in January 2016. To keep the theme they also have a fantastic podcast called the Primal Blueprint Podcast, that you guys should definitely give a listen.

3 Things You Will Learn

1.) Staying Active As You Get Older
Brad being a former professional athlete has a long history of leading a highly athletic. Now, even with his professional boots hung-up, he still likes to lead a very active life. So how does he do it? Find out how Brad has still kept up with being active as he has gotten older in this episode!

2.) Adapting The Keto Diet For You
Although the Keto diet may seem like it has a strict set of rules to follow, we talk with Brad about finding the right guidelines for each person. Because there actually is some leeway when it comes to the Keto diet. Emphasis on the some. However, even a little tweak can make the whole process of being on a fully Keto diet much easier.

3.)  A Seasoned Pro's Take On The Keto Diet
If anyone was to give tips on the Keto diet it would be Brad. Having been fully Keto for the past two years and also helping head a company based on primal nutrition and health. Brad was a great source of knowledge when it came how the Keto diet can benefit your health, along with his own personal experience.


As always full show notes are available on our website 20minute.fitness.


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