Can Clean Meat Change The World? Interview with Paul Shapiro — 20 Minute Fitness #037

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In this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we had the fantastic chance to sit down with clean meat expert, Paul Shapiro!

Paul is a big supporter of the 'Clean Meat' movement and is absolutely chalked full of great information about this new frontier of lab-grown meat.  Shapiro is a four-time TEDx speaker and long-time leader in food sustainability. Shapiro has published hundreds of articles in publications ranging from daily newspapers to academic journals.

Three Things That You Will Learn

1.) What Is Clean Meat?
Clean meat is the name penned for lab-grown meat that is grown from the cell of animals to create actual meat without the slaughter of animals.

2.) Can Clean Meat Be Healthier Than Conventional Meat?
Lab-grown meat is made in a process without the removal of organs or waste, meaning that clean meat is at a much lower risk of containing harmful food-borne viruses.  Also, meat grown in this way has much less impact on the environment! Find out more from Paul himself in this episode!

3.) What's The Response To The Skeptics?
Listen to Paul's insightful response to those who say that the production of Clean Meat may be unethical. His response may surprise you!

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Full show notes are — as always — available on our website at 20minute.fitness!
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