J.J. Green

The Galactic Chronicles

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The future of the galaxy hangs in the balance as the Shadows continue their invasion.
Jas Harrington has escaped to the starship Bricoleur. In the brief respite from battle, she must decide how best to fight the Shadows, who kill and replace their victims.
Along with her companions, she travels to her birthplace, Mars, where she delves into her murky past and uncovers surprising secrets.
In the midst of the declining colony world, Jas finds something that might be the key to everything. Her discovery could explain where the Shadows come from, how they operate, and how to defeat them.
The race is on to free the keepers of the knowledge and enlist them in the desperate war to save the galaxy.
So begins Mars Born, first of the final three books of the fast-paced, exciting space opera Shadows of the Void. Also including Shadow Battle and Shadow War.
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