Joanna McClelland Glass


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The bloom of youth pitted against the reticence of age in a situation that both find “Trying”…
Washington DC, the year 1967. Sarah Schorr (late of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon) is secretary to Judge Francis Biddle, for whom age has inclined to look backwards, at what was rather than what is… and what will come. Sarah has the task of guiding this frail but brilliant man into the now in order that his affairs may be set in order.
The two consider their generation’s time as a golden era, but as they clash, each comes to realise that they are actually dancing to the same tune; it is merely a different arrangement. And so a deep friendship is forged from strength, wisdom, experience and compassion. From finding each other trying, they reach a point where they are now both trying to complete the same journey…
Andrews UK
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