Jenny Wingfield

Jenny Wingfield grew up “pretty much all over Louisiana”. The daughter of a Methodist minister, she learned early on that being a preacher’s kid could mean moving a lot. After high school, she attended Southern State College (now SAU), in Magnolia, Arkansas, earning her B.A. in English. Later on, she taught English and Language Arts in the Hope, Arkansas and Ashdown Arkansas public schools.Wingfield broke into freelancing by writing celebrity articles for Scene Magazine, Music City News, and The Saturday Evening Post. Several years later, she shifted lanes, tackling screenwriting. Her film credits include The Man In The Moon (Reese Witherspoon’s debut movie), The Outsider (starring Naomi Watts), and Hallmark Hall of Fame’s A Dog Named Christmas (winner of the 2010 Genesis Award), plus a number of Disney animation projects.Her first novel, The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, was released by Random House on July 12, 2011. The book has also sold in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Spain and Russia.Wingfield’s other passions are watercolor painting, animal rescue and organic gardening. She lives on a farm, surrounded by rescued dogs, cats and horses, plus a few “bought” dairy goats.
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