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Navigating the Fourth Dimension

From the back cover of the book…
«For thousands of years, human consciousness has been mired in the muck of fear, confusion, and suffering. However, the patterns of the past no longer apply. At last, Mother Earth and all who reside upon her have set out on an unprecedented trajectory toward awakening. Each one of us can now choose to live in a new paradigm – the fourth dimension.
We define the fourth dimension as a higher-vibrational state of being that is characterized by trust, empowerment, abundance, peace, balance, and harmony. It is based on the realization that we are beings of Light who carry formidable power as co-creators of our universe. Living in the fourth dimension requires a conscious shift from relying on the fear-based ego mind to trusting the heart-centered guidance of our Higher Selves.
The Ascended Masters discuss how to let go of our history, how to heal anger, fear and pain, and how to develop a personal knowing of our Light. You, too, can take the next step toward creating 'Heaven on Earth.' This book tells you how.»
In addition to a channeled discourse from the Ascended Masters St. Germain and El Morya Khan this book contains reprints of the first ten issues of the Ascended Masters Newsletter published by the authors.
About the Authors
The Past No Longer Applies
Fear is the Obstacle
You Are in the Center of Your Universe
Discussing the Mindset for Change
How You Co-Create Your Universe
The Earth is Awakening with You 
Believe, Trust and Expect What is Possible
Understand That the Light Empowers You to Change Your Universe
Sit and Be Still as Frequently as Possible, and Surrender to Your Light
Allow the Light to Heal your Fear and Anger
Allow the Light to Guide You in Every Moment and in Everything You Do 
Let Go of Judgment of Self and Others in All Things
Let Go of Trying to Change the World Around You 
Open to a New Way of Being – and Thus Change the Universe in Which You Reside
The One-Percent Solution
Ascended Masters Newsletters
Books by the Authors
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