Jeffrey Bailey

The Dreaming

    When the line between dreams and reality begins to fade, the world is thrown into chaos. In the aftermath of a mysterious event known only as the Dreaming that causes every daydream and fantasy to visually manifest for all to see, one unusual man must confront his past to save the future.

Garrett Castlemain looked like an ordinary man, but inside his mind was a broken world. Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Garrett's mind is home to several alternate personalities in the forms of a knight, a vampire, a highly logical alien, and a young child; each gifted by the Dreaming with the reality of their powers.

As the world struggles to rebuild, a cabal of clown-masked murderers begin shooting up crowds of innocent people. Desperate to stop the killings, Garrett and a few friends from his therapy group rally an army of their alters, to begin a war that will rage throughout reality and deep into the dream beyond, leading inexorably toward an evil unlike anything the world has ever known.

An eclectic blend of science fiction and fantasy, The Dreaming is the first an action-packed series filled with love, loss, mystery, and a child-like wonder that will leave you wondering: What would happen if my daydreams became real?
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