Twin Peaks FAQ, David Bushman
David Bushman

Twin Peaks FAQ

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ÊTwin PeaksÊ the infamously strange seductive and confounding murder mystery that made network television safe for surrealism is returning to the small screen after 25 years. Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost the series enjoys a hallowed standing in popular culture and remains a touchstone in the evolution of TV as an artistic medium. For its many intensely devoted fans ÊTwin PeaksÊ continues to beguile and disturb and delight; it's a bottomless well of allusions symbols conundrums to ponder and images to unpack an endlessly engrossing puzzle box an obsessive's dream.ÞÊTwin Peaks FAQÊ will guide longtime fans and the newly initiated through the origins of the series take them behind the scenes during its production and transport readers deep into the rich mythology that made ÊTwin PeaksÊ a cultural phenomenon. The book features detailed episode guides character breakdowns and explorations of the show's distinctive music fashion and locations. With a sometimes snarky always thoughtful (but never dry or academic) analysis of ÊTwin PeaksÊ' myriad oddities mysteries references and delicious insanity ÊTwin Peaks FAQÊ is a comprehensive immersive and irresistible reference for experts and newbies alike.
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