George Sand,Frank Desprez

The Rajah of Chutneypore

The son of the rajah of Chutneypore falls in love with a nautch dancer, which disturbs the political order causing a rift between the powers-that-be. It’s a love story plagued by outside interference from both family and friends. Indru is the young son of Punka, the rajah of Chutneypore. Despite his royal standing, Indru plans to marry a nautch dancer named Hollee Beebee. Indru is a high caste member and Hollee is not, making it difficult to wed. Indru takes a drastic measure to make he and Hollee are more compatible. Meanwhile, another member of the royal family resorts to lies and theft to secure his place as the rajah’s new heir. The Rajah of Chutneypore, also known as The Nautch Girl, is a classic tale of the haves and the have-nots. It’s a reminder that love always finds a way and good will always triumph over evil. Upon its initial release, the opera was based in England and performed more than 200 shows. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of  The Rajah of Chutneypore is both modern and readable.
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