W.M. Kirkland

A Lover's Sword

Fabius never wanted to be a gladiator, but the priesthood--his true calling--wouldn’t accept him. When a flash of white light takes his partner Dursus from the arena, leaving him alone to face Brutus’ wrath, Fabius is certain this is the end. The gods have exacted their payment--by sending him through time?

Max studied the legend of the five gladiators who disappeared without a trace. He never imagined the final one would arrive on his doorstep. For a professor of Roman history, Fabius’ arrival is like a dream come true. For the man, his body is an exquisite marvel and one in which he can take hours of pleasure. The sword he’d been studying may have belonged to a gladiator. Now, it belongs to his lover and the legend has come full circle.
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