Annabelle Lewis

The Bad Penny

He thought he'd learned to play their game, but he forgot the most important lesson. It's dangerous to underestime the Carrows.
An old enemy resurfaces, bent on revenge. He enacts a perverse play and attempts a personal plan of extortion. He makes it clear he is out for blood. His miscalculation? The Carrows family makes the rules. They won’t pay. They will play.
Enter Cheryl Davis, bar owner, former stripper, and a go-to for the Carrows when they need to razzle and dazzle their mark. Her old friend, Charles Carrows convinces her to leave Los Angeles and her small slice of success to support the latest family campaign. Cheryl travels to Yorkshire to join forces with the earl and countess of Hambley, Henry and Julia’s old and dear friends. No one at Hambley Hall will ever be the same — including Cheryl.
Join the Carrows again for glittery Las Vegas parties, romance in the Swiss Alps, and tea and cocktails with the landed gentry of Great Britain. A worldwide caper unfolds as the family goes to extraordinary lengths to defeat their enemy. This time, with a permanent solution.
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