Jennifer Dawson

The Name of the Game

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    “You’re mine, Gracie. And all that comes with it. You belong to me. Understood?”

    He’d never made such a possessive, caveman-like claim before, but deep down he meant every single word.
    Merylhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    I like order. And calm. You’re chaos and fire.”

    Her breath caught and held, as sex seemed to fill the space between them. She opened her mouth—to say what, she hadn’t a clue—but before she could get any words out his lips covered hers.
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    Thank you,” she said, her breath catching.

    “But I’m not in the mood for cupcakes.”

    “This isn’t much of a negotiation.” Heat raced along her skin.

    His fingers tightened on her waist. “Take off your top, Gracie.”

    Two could play this game. She shook her head. “First chocolate.”

    “Arms up.” He inched the fabric up her waist.
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    is attention drifted to her mouth as his hand slid around her neck. “I haven’t kissed you today.”

    Throat dry, she managed, “No, you haven’t.”
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    erection. “James.”

    The crowd started to disperse and James whispered, “You have no idea the things I’m going to do to you.”

    She spun around, wobbling. She licked her lips. “Like what?”

    He gripped her bare arm, pulling her close. “Wouldn’t you rather be surprised?”

    “Maybe.” Her gaze darted aroun
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    Even as the protest rose to her lips, she couldn’t help thinking she’d never heard the word no sound so hot before. She raised a brow. “No?”
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    She cleared her throat, cursing the nerves jumping in her stomach. “I think we can agree it was a mistake.”

    “Was it?” That voice, that smooth, steady voice.

    “Yes.” There, she sounded quite certain.

    His gaze dipped to her mouth. “Then why do I want it again?”

    “Stupidity,” she quipped.

    To her shock, he laughed. A real laugh that made his dimple flash and her heart skip a beat. “I’m not going to argue with you there.”
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    Her blood heated. Her body roared to greedy life. Her purse dropped to the floor. She wrapped her body around his, needing more.

    He delivered, kissing her deeper. Harder.

    He shoved her against the door.

    All at once, everything between them grew hotter. More frantic.

    She tightened her fingers in his hair and pressed her now aching breasts against him.

    Their labored breathing filled t
    Michel Rasmussenhar citeretsidste år
    It also embarrassed her, how badly she wanted what he’d given her.
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