Dirk Hayhurst

Wild Pitches

The “best writer in a baseball uniform” follows his New York Times bestseller The Bullpen Gospels with more hilarious tales of life on and off the diamond (The New York Times).
As a major and not-so-major league pitcher, Dirk Hayhurst has learned to master more than striking out batters. While waiting for his name to be called in the bullpen, he honed his gifts as a storyteller.
In this all-too-true collection of adventures in America’s favorite pastime, Hayhurst details the intricacies of pulling off an epic team prank, even if it’s at his own expense; the art of creating the perfect professional baseball nickname; his comically ineffective attempts at writing romance novels; and a bizarre tale in which a bear gets punched in the face (yes, that really happened—with all apologies to the bear).
“It’s not often that someone comes along who is a good pitcher and a good writer,” and no matter how wild his stories may be, Hayhurst proves once again that it’s all in the delivery (Salon).
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