Norman Lindsay

Aunt Alice and the Lion

Themba and his brother and sister are excited that Aunt Alice is coming to visit them in the village. When they arrive at the station to meet her, the children find her in a tree. She explains that a lion wants to eat her. There is no sign of a lion but as the days pass, and to the family’s great amusement, Aunt Alice remains convinced that there is a lion lurking behind every bush, just waiting to pounce. Could Aunt Alice be right? The book concludes with factual information on lions, with colour photographs. The story is set in Ngamo Village in the Tsholotsho District on the southern border of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Money raised from the sale of the book goes towards furthering literacy and education in the Tsholotsho District. For more information, visit www.hwange-schools.com or www.imvelosafarilodges.com
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