Daniel Marques

Female Logic: Understanding Why He Might Be Just That Into You and Why Men Aren’t from Mars or Women from Venus

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Most of the things in which modern women believe regarding relationships and love is conditioned by movies, literature and social values in general. And, apart from any judgment that we could make about this fact, the truth is that the combination of such beliefs leads to stereotypes and behaviors that are now commonly known as female logic. But, women that follow such logic tend to be among the ones with less successful experiences in life.

The incongruence between reality and this paradigm leads us to assume that what is logic is not necessarily realistic, but also that most of what composes such logic originates in false, even though highly popular, premises.

It’s with the intention of analyzing such patterns, in a complete contradiction to the most famous theories about men and women, that this book intends to enlighten the reader into a better understanding about the nature of human beings and life in general. It’s, above anything, a book that shows positive insights about life, while promoting a more unifying and healthy relation between individuals of both genders.

The chapters here presented, describe how personal beliefs influence the future of a person and where do they come from. And it’s based on the positive results that many women had in cleaning their mind from the lies that have contributed to nearly all of their misunderstandings about dating and men. Therefore, provides a new opportunity to understand personal past experiences and rebuild the future.

It’s based on these pragmatic principles that the content was organized in order to provide an experience that goes to the core of many aspects of life, and contributes to a radical inner transformation.
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    True love is not selfish. Only lack of self-love makes it seem that way. True love is altruistic and selfless. It’s about the pleasure of giving without needing in return.
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    The breaking point in a relationships comes when a man finds himself without proper solutions. Chased by a woman he disrespects and doesn’t want for himself, that man is left alone to his sexual nature when such woman is depriving him from a proper conscience by chasing him in the first place. And what does this guy without solutions does? He cheats with other women.
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    Men are impulsive and often think about sex before a relationship can even start. They don’t have a good concept of the meaning of having a relationship, and that’s why they tend to have difficulties in knowing how to start one or maintaining the one they already have.

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