Reinventing Project-Based Learning, Suzie Boss, Jane Krauss
Suzie Boss,Jane Krauss

Reinventing Project-Based Learning

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Lead students through powerful learning experiences with Reinventing Project-Based Learning, a guide for educators, administrators and professional development specialists who want to make the shift to a more student-driven learning model. Explore proven strategies for overcoming the limitations of the traditional classroom, including a wealth of technology tools for inquiry, collaboration and global connection to support this new vision of instructional design.

The book follows the arc of a project, providing guided opportunities to direct and reflect on your own learning. In the expanded second edition, educators will find the latest tools, a deeper look into assessment strategies, added close-ups on promising practices and a chapter on trends that are poised to shape education in the coming years. With rich illustrations and teacher interviews from around the world, Reinventing Project-Based Learning shows you how to design authentic projects that make the most of available and emerging technologies.
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