Autumn Stephens

Wild Women Talk Back

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Rejoice in your wild side with insightful, motivational, and wickedly funny wisdom from women who made history in art, music, politics and more.
In Wild Women Talk Back, great women of all stripes remind us to be unapologetically ourselves. Their powerful words cut to the truth about being a woman in this world, from the harsh realities to the unique joys. The women quoted here offer their own brash brand of counsel, commentary, and comic relief as a source of empowerment for all women.
This book is more than a compilation of inspirational quotes—it’s an invitation to embrace your wild and beautiful feminine self. These empowering quotes will get you thinking about life and women’s invaluable role in the world. Wild Women author Autumn Stephens introduces each section, shedding light on the collection of quotes from unforgettable women such as Madonna, Lucille Ball, and Mary, Queen of Scots.
Wild Women Talk Back offers you:Insight into everything from sex to motherhood, physical appearance to self-esteem, and coping with a career to finding wisdomThe hilariously and shockingly relatable experiences of women throughout the agesThe timeless wit and wisdom that women have to offer
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  • lexydimhar citeretsidste år
    Think bigger! Be a millionaire, don't marry one.

    —Nell Merlino, cofounder of Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  • Amyaluoshar citeretsidste år
    I belong to that group of people who move the piano by themselves.

    —Eleanor Robson Belmont,
  • Jennifer Joshyhar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    the only time of the month when I can be myself.
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