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The Manager’s Guide to Cybersecurity Law

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In today’s litigious business world, cyber-related matters could land you in court. As a computer security professional, you are protecting your data, but are you protecting your company? While you know industry standards and regulations, you may not be a legal expert. Fortunately, in a few hours of reading, rather than months of classroom study, Tari Schreider’s The Manager’s Guide to Cybersecurity Law: Essentials for Today’s Business, lets you integrate legal issues into your security program.
Tari Schreider, a board-certified information security practitioner with a criminal justice administration background, has written a much-needed book that bridges the gap between cybersecurity programs and cybersecurity law. He says, “My nearly 40 years in the fields of cybersecurity, risk management, and disaster recovery have taught me some immutable truths. One of these truths is that failure to consider the law when developing a cybersecurity program results in a protective façade or false sense of security.”
In a friendly style, offering real-world business examples from his own experience supported by a wealth of court cases, Schreider covers the range of practical information you will need as you explore – and prepare to apply – cybersecurity law. His practical, easy-to-understand explanations help you to:

Understand your legal duty to act reasonably and responsibly to protect assets and information.
Identify which cybersecurity laws have the potential to impact your cybersecurity program.
Upgrade cybersecurity policies to comply with state, federal, and regulatory statutes.
Communicate effectively about cybersecurity law with corporate legal department and counsel.
Understand the implications of emerging legislation for your cybersecurity program.
Know how to avoid losing a cybersecurity court case on procedure – and develop strategies to handle a dispute out of court.
Develop an international view of cybersecurity and data privacy – and international legal frameworks.
Schreider takes you beyond security standards and regulatory controls to ensure that your current or future cybersecurity program complies with all laws and legal jurisdictions. Hundreds of citations and references allow you to dig deeper as you explore specific topics relevant to your organization or your studies. This book needs to be required reading before your next discussion with your corporate legal department.
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