Reg McKay

Murder Capital

Murder Capital of Europe: that's Glasgow. A city more lethal than London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin or strife-torn Belfast. But what's the truth behind the headlines, the real story on the streets of Glasgow? And who has earned the city its shocking and brutal reputation? Murder Capital leads you to the city's darkest corners and to the most evil citizens of the past twenty years, introducing you to people you definitely don't want to meet on a dark night. There are assassins, poisoners, body burners, faked suicides, sex slayers, femmes fatales, grannies with blades, revenge murders, crimes of passion, killer kids, betrayals, sadistic womanisers, lethal lesbians, rough trade, drugged-up demons and more. Average citizens all – until they turned to murder and shocked the world. Then there's Worm, The Birdman, Dopey, The Equaliser, Little General and The Iceman, all up to their necks in the organised mobs until caught for their murderous ways – or until they meet with the business end of a bullet or a blade. Glasgow is a city of contradictions. People love the place and feel safe going about their daily lives. But they also know there's a dark side, places you don't go and people you'll do well to avoid. Now, Reg McKay reveals the truth about the killers, the victims and life and death on the streets of Glasgow, the Murder Capital of Europe.
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