The River Cottage Cookbook, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

The River Cottage Cookbook

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Putting food on the table for the family quickly and economicallydoesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. This book shows howHugh's approach to food can be adapted to suit any growing, workingfamily, or busy young singles and couples for that matter. Breakfast,baking, lunchboxes, quick suppers, healthy snacks, eating on the moveand weekend cooking for the week ahead – all these, and more, will becovered in River Cottage Every Day.As Hugh says:'Imake no prior assumptions about where you shop, what you may or may notknow about growing vegetables or keeping livestock, whether you cantell the difference between a swede and turnip, or know what to do witha belly of pork and a breast of lamb. Instead, I'll show you easy andconfidence-inspiring ways with cuts of meat, types of fish and otheringredients you may not have tried before. And I'll offer you newapproaches that I hope will breath new life to familiar staples, likerice, spuds, beans, and your daily bread.Above all, I intend to tempt you irresistibly towards a better lifewith food, with a whole raft of recipes that I think you will love. Ihope some of them will become your absolute favourites, and thefavourites of your dear friends and beloved family. I hope that thedishes you like best will infiltrate and influence your cooking, givingyou increased confidence and fresh ideas. In short, I hope that beforelong, cooking simple and delicious food from the best seasonalingredients becomes second nature and first priority for you, not justonce in a while, but every day.'
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