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The Lost Prosperity Secrets of Napoleon Hill


It isn’t everyday that an opportunity comes along to read newly discovered advice for success in tough times in a book by Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of Think & Grow Rich, The Magic Ladder to Success, and The Master Key to Riches.

The Lost Prosperity Secrets of Napoleon Hill consists of a series of magazine articles Napoleon Hill wrote between 1919 and 1923 for Success magazine, for which he eventually became an editor. Hill’s drive to become successful led him from the poverty stricken Appalachian Mountains to meetings with rags-to-riches tycoons. These articles focus on Hill’s philosophy of success. Drawing upon the thoughts and experiences of a multitude of influential people, Hill explains how those successful people achieved their status. Many of these writings have been the basis of several best-selling books.

Discover principles designed to guide you in putting these steps to success into action. It is in these early articles that Hill honed his theories, refined his arguments, and polished his presentation of the success philosophy for the ordinary person.

A necessary handbook for our era, The Lost Prosperity Secrets of Napoleon Hill is filled with time-tested wisdom that resonates as strongly and is as appropriate today as when it was first written.
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    Ryanhar citeretsidste år
    Persistence, auto-suggestion, and habit are a trio of words whose meaning no one can afford to overlook. Persistence is the strong cord that binds auto-suggestion and habit together until they merge into one and become a permanent reality.
    Ryanhar citeretsidste år
    If you lack persistence, you should begin to train yourself in the direction of acquiring the habit of sticking to things. This practice will establish a new habit of the mind, and will also tend to cause the appropriate brain cells to develop and, thus, give to you as a permanent characteristic the desired quality that you are seeking to develop. Fix your mind upon your daily tasks, studies, occupation, or hobbies, and hold your attention firmly upon them by concentration, until you find yourself getting into the habit of resisting “sidetracking” or distracting influences. It is all a matter of practice and habit. Carry in your mind the idea of the chisel held firmly against the object it is shaping, as given in this lesson—it will help you so much. And read this over and over again, every day or so, until your mind will take up the idea and make it its own. By so doing, you will tend to arouse the desire for persistence, and the rest will follow naturally, as the fruit follows the budding and flowering of the tree.
    Ryanhar citeretsidste år
    1. I know that I have the ability to accomplish all that I undertake. I know that to succeed, I have only to establish this belief in myself and follow it with vigorous, aggressive action. I will establish it.
    2. I realize that my thoughts eventually reproduce themselves in material form and substance and become real in the physical state. Therefore, I will concentrate upon the daily task of thinking of the person I intend to be and of drawing a mental picture of this person and of transforming this picture into reality. (Here describe in detail your “chief aim” or the life-work you have selected.)
    3. I am studying with the firm intention of mastering the fundamental principles through which I may attract to me the desirable things of life. Through this study, I am becoming more self-reliant and more cheerful. I am developing more sympathy for my fellows, and I am becoming stronger, both mentally and physically. I am learning to smile the smile that plays upon the heart as well as upon the lips.
    4. I am mastering and overpowering the habit of starting something that I do not finish. From this time forward, I will first plan all that I wish to do, making a clear mental picture of it, and then I will let nothing interfere with my plans until I have developed them into realities.
    5. I have clearly mapped out and planned the work that I intend to follow for the ensuing five years. I have set a price upon my services for each of the five years, a price that I intend to command through strict application of the principle of efficient, satisfactory service!
    6. I fully realize that genuine success will come only through strict application of the “Golden Rule” principles. I will, therefore, engage in no transaction which does not benefit alike all who participate in it. I will succeed by attracting to me the forces that I wish to use. I will induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve them. I will gain the friendship of my fellows because of my kindness and my willingness to be a friend. I will eliminate fear from my mind by developing courage in its place. I will eliminate skepticism by developing faith. I will eliminate hatred and cynicism by developing love for humanity.
    7. I will learn to stand upon my feet and express myself in clear, concise, and simple language, and to speak with force and enthusiasm, in a matter that will carry conviction. I will cause others to become interested in me, because I will first become interested in them. I will eliminate selfishness and develop in its place the spirit of service.

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