Raef Meeuwisse

How to Hack a Human

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Do you worry about cyber criminals hacking your computers and other digital devices? You should. Connect a new computer to the Internet and the average time before there is a hacking attempt is less than a minute.
But you may not be aware that hacking the human mind is far easier than hacking any computer system — if you know how to do it. What’s even scarier is that both criminals and legitimate organizations engage in human hacking.
As a cybersecurity professional, I began exploring how cybersecurity techniques can be used against hackers of humans, and I wrote this book to equip you — and millions of others being targeted every day — with a guide that helps you understand how these hackers operate and how you can defend yourself against them.
Along the way:
 You will find out why you should care about mind hackers. 
 Terms like social engineering, confidence tricks, and cognitive biases will become familiar.
 You will discover how manipulators target your subconscious, unconscious, and conscious mind. 
 You might scream loudly when you discover how much money these mind hackers make from ordinary people. 
 Most of all, you will be amazed at how much mind hackers know about you.        

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