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Fish (Sheila Lukins Short eCookbooks)

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For over twenty years, PARADE food editor, writer, and chef Sheila Lukins has inspired would-be chefs across the country with her accessible and easy-to-prepare Simply Delicious recipes. This e-cookbook is a compilation of Sheila’s favorite fish recipes from her time at PARADE, written with the busy home cook in mind.
Here, Sheila helps the home cook get the most out of every fish meal—working with a diverse list of fish including salmon, tuna, catfish, halibut, and cod. Fish can be delicate to work with—and these recipes let readers in on the secret to perfect pan-fried trout, seared tuna steaks, skillet cod, and salmon cakes. These recipes combine fresh, healthy ingredients for meals that are sure to impress—whether for quick weeknight meals or a leisurely weekend dinner party.
One of America’s most beloved food writers, Sheila Lukins is known for her creative use of unusual ingredients and bold flavors in accessible recipes. Her popular seven cookbooks including The Silver Palate series and The New Basics Cookbook have sold more than seven million copies.
Sheila Lukins co-founded the famous Silver Palate gourmet food shop in New York City, along with partner Julee Rosso. In 1986, she succeeded Julia Child as food editor and columnist for PARADE Magazine.
“For more than twenty years, PARADE Food Editor Sheila Lukins tempted the taste buds of Americans with her Simply Delicious recipes. Her focus on good food, quality ingredients and beautiful presentation inspired millions of would-be chefs in kitchens across the country. Sheila often said that her greatest compliment was when a PARADE reader would tell her that preparing one of her recipes was like “having a friend in the kitchen.” –PARADE Magazine
Each of the Sheila Lukins ecookbooks will focus on one theme from her more than twenty years of recipe columns for PARADE Magazine
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