Jeffrey Dubinsky,Lila Dubinsky

Goldie’s Lox And The Three Bagels: Fractured Jewish Fairy Tales

A treasury of classic tales—with a hilarious Yiddish twist . . .
Mother Goose, Ver farblondjet!* Aesop? You’re not fooling anyone. Brothers Grimm? Goniffs.** You didn’t create the fairy tale—we did (The Chosen People) thousands of years ago, to keep the kids quiet when we were running from Pharaoh.
Here are all your favorite classic fairy tales as they’re supposed to be told:
Goldie’s Lox and the Three Bagels, Rumpleforeskin, Snow Whitefish and the Seven Dwarfkins, The Three Little Chazzers, Jake and Mr. Bienstock, Pushkin Boots, The Ugly Schmuckling, and more!
*Get lost
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