Giovanni Dettori

2,001 Most Useful Italian Words

The ideal travel companion and at-home reference, this volume features over 2,000 common Italian words, each accompanied by a brief definition, a sentence in Italian demonstrating proper usage, and a translation. These up-to-date terms cover twenty-first-century digital technologies and consumer electronics, and a convenient category section offers greetings and words related to food, the family, days of the week, and the seasons, plus helpful tips on vocabulary and grammar.
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    Erhan İpekçilerhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    ancora again, still

    Dimmelo ancora.
    Erhan İpekçilerhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    ammettere to admit

    Ammetto che ha ragione.

    I admit he/she is right.
    Erhan İpekçilerhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    amante m. & f. lover

    Mio padre è un amante dell’opera.

    My dad is an opera lover.

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