Antoine Kanamugire

Protect Our Youth

The author succeeds in providing factual, nonjudgmental information broken down into manageable concepts. overall the author’s voice remains calm and informative, and the content doesn’t appear to be sensationalistic or based on “cherry picked” data. ­ e book should serve as a useful resource for readers interested in the topic. »
— BleuInk Review
«Thanks to the author for this great book that is easy to read and full of information relevant for everyone, especially young people aged 21 and under. All high schools should have many copies and make it a mandatory reading. Thank you also for the respectful and non-judgemental tone and the quotations filled with hope. "
— Clodine Desrochers, award winning TV host, author, speaker and a mother of a teenager.
The 21 Unspoken Truths About Marijuana should be distributed in schools! It could be an excellent student / teacher working tool… It would facilitate the debate around a theme of which we have decidedly not yet finished hearing about!
— Mitsou Magazine
Written in simple terms, this book aims to discuss crucial questions about cannabis, also known as marijuana. What is cannabis? what can it do to your brain and to your overall health? Can it really lead to psychosis, depression, or lung cancer? ­ e goal is not to judge anyone but to create awareness so that whatever choice we make at least we know we're making a well-informed and educated choice to protect our brain, our young people’s brain and to lovingly help free those who might already be oppressed by the burden of addiction.
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